Should We Be Afraid of Chinese Money in Ukraine?

CIPE Europe & Eurasia Deputy Regional Director Eric Hontz delivered opening remarks at the Centre for Economic Strategy's event, "Should we be afraid of Chinese money in Ukraine?" Speakers focused on timely issues between China and Ukraine, including important developments in bilateral Ukrainian-Chinese economic relations, Chinese business practices in Ukraine, and government strategy.

Promoting Constructive Capital in Bulgaria: Unlocking Bulgarian Regions’ Potential for Private Sector Innovation

Please join CIPE partner, the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD)'s event featuring Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and CIPE Vice Chairman of the Board Kim Holmes on September 28. Together, the speakers will discuss how Bulgaria can use the EU recovery and resilience funding to leverage constructive capital from the private sector to advance the country's digital and sustainability capacities. This event will be live-streamed on CSD's Facebook and YouTube accounts.

The Private Sector’s Role in Combating Corrosive Capital in Central Europe

CIPE and Central European Institute of Asian Studies (CEIAS) new paper series authors discuss how the private sector can play a unique leadership role in combating corrosive capital in Central Europe.

Competitive Markets, Competitive Democracies: Corrosive Capital in the Western Balkans

This event featured a conversation on foreign investment and corruption in the Western Balkans. It centered on how the United States, the EU, the governments of the Western Balkans, and civil society can work together to prevent foreign investments from exacerbating the region’s governance gaps and struggles with corruption. Expert speakers included Eric Hontz, Damir Marusic, Tim Judah, Igor Novakovic, and Milica Kovacevic.

China’s BRI and Corrosive Capital: Mitigating Corruption Risks in the Philippines

The Stratbase ADR Institute hosted a town hall discussion covering China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on Southeast Asian countries. The event focused on the effects of Corrosive Capital on public governance and democratic institutions in the Philippines.

Promoting Resilient Economies in the Western Balkans: Tackling Corrosive Capital at the Sectoral Level

CIPE Partner, the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), held an event featuring the launch of a new Corrosive Capital report explaining the application of CSD’s Monitoring Anti-Corruption Policy Implementation methodology and how it can be used to identify potential common patterns of Corrosive Capital in the Western Balkans.