Corrosive Capital mentioned in new USAID Fact Sheet

This article highlights US President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 discretionary funding request for USAID, and includes a focus on addressing Corrosive Capital, democratic backsliding, and corruption.

Corrosive Capital mentioned in Nedim Hogic Opinion Piece on European Western Balkans

This article highlights how limiting Corrosive Capital influences in the Western Balkans could build a stronger constituency supporting the rule of law reforms, in addition to challenges associated with BiH’s EU membership process.

Promoting Resilient Economies in the Western Balkans: Tackling Corrosive Capital at the Sectoral Level

CIPE Partner, the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), held an event featuring the launch of a new Corrosive Capital report explaining the application of CSD’s Monitoring Anti-Corruption Policy Implementation methodology and how it can be used to identify potential common patterns of Corrosive Capital in the Western Balkans.

Corrosive Capital – Mitigating Corruption Risk of Non-Transparent Investments in Southeast Asia

CIPE Senior Program Officer Catherine Tai discusses how to mitigate Corrosive Capital and corruption risks in non-transparent investments in Southeast Asia during the 2021 International Anti-Corruption Conference.

Corrosive Capital and Serbian Mining

BBC News published this article covering CIPE and the Center for Contemporary Politics’ research into Chinese copper mining investment in eastern Serbia. The analysis found that Chinese company Zijin’s Bor-based copper mining complex was exempted from environmental regulations compliance for an undetermined transition period.

Russian Economic Footprint in Moldova Study

This study evaluates the extent of Russia’s economic footprint in Moldova through using a methodology to assess the extent of the country’s Corrosive Capital and governance gaps.