Corrosive Capital in the Western Balkans: An Analysis of Four High Impact Chinese Investments

In this paper, Damir Marusic, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, analyzes the impact of Corrosive Capital on corruption in the Western Balkans.

Corrosive Capital mentioned In Manila Standard Op-Ed

CIPE Asia Regional Director John Morrell explains the corrosive strings attached to Chinese loans in the case of the Philippines and the threats that emerging nations can expect when accepting capital loans from China in an opinion column written by Orlando Oxales.

Corrosive & Constructive Capital Initiative Flyer

CIPE's new flyer defines the terms and indicators of "corrosive" and "constructive" capital and details CIPE's work with global partners to implement programs that increase global awareness, strengthen democratic institutions, safeguard citizens’ interests, and ensure a fair playing field for all businesses.

China’s BRI and Corrosive Capital: Mitigating Corruption Risks in the Philippines

The Stratbase ADR Institute hosted a town hall discussion covering China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its impact on Southeast Asian countries. The event focused on the effects of Corrosive Capital on public governance and democratic institutions in the Philippines.

Corrosive Capital mentioned in new USAID Fact Sheet

This article highlights US President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 discretionary funding request for USAID, and includes a focus on addressing Corrosive Capital, democratic backsliding, and corruption.

Corrosive Capital mentioned in Nedim Hogic Opinion Piece on European Western Balkans

This article highlights how limiting Corrosive Capital influences in the Western Balkans could build a stronger constituency supporting the rule of law reforms, in addition to challenges associated with BiH’s EU membership process.