Many a Mickle Makes a Muckle: Chinese Corrosive Capital in Croatia

This paper provides a review of economic relations between Croatia and China, including trade and investment trends, followed by case studies of corrosive capital financing or financing affected by potential long-term Chinese political influence in Croatia. It also offers recommendations to counter corrosive capital and promote constructive capital influx into Croatia.

Danger Almost Deferred? Chinese Corrosive Capital in Bulgaria and Romania

This paper by Rumena Filipova provides a captivating insight into the financial presence of China in two countries of the Eastern Balkans – Bulgaria and Romania, and Chinese tactics of using corrosive capital to influence political decision-making.

Oligarchs and Party Folks: Chinese Corrosive Capital in Slovakia and Czechia

A new paper by Matej Šimalčík fills research gaps on Chinese Corrosive Capital in Slovakia and Czechia by providing a comprehensive account of various activities by Chinese as well as local Slovak and Czech actors linked to the influx of malign capital.

Competitive Markets, Competitive Democracies: Corrosive Capital in the Western Balkans

This event featured a conversation on foreign investment and corruption in the Western Balkans. It centered on how the United States, the EU, the governments of the Western Balkans, and civil society can work together to prevent foreign investments from exacerbating the region’s governance gaps and struggles with corruption. Expert speakers included Eric Hontz, Damir Marusic, Tim Judah, Igor Novakovic, and Milica Kovacevic.

Corrosive Capital in the Western Balkans: An Analysis of Four High Impact Chinese Investments

In this paper, Damir Marusic, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, analyzes the impact of Corrosive Capital on corruption in the Western Balkans.

Corrosive Capital mentioned In Manila Standard Op-Ed

CIPE Asia Regional Director John Morrell explains the corrosive strings attached to Chinese loans in the case of the Philippines and the threats that emerging nations can expect when accepting capital loans from China in an opinion column written by Orlando Oxales.